what is technical diploma

Diploma in Technical Education is a program focused on practical and skills-oriented training.   It's a technical course that only covers the essentials when ranked with an undergraduate engineering degree.  It intends to provide pupils with industry or project-related engineering knowledge, technical skills, computing, and evaluation, mathematical techniques, a sound knowledge of English to convey in the field and ability to apply problem solving processes. Its length is a minimum of 3 decades.   Many countries in the world understand it as equal to pre-engineering or bridging class when considered for ongoing research in technology-related bachelor's or associate degree programs.   After successful completion of diploma in technology course, students can either continue additional  engineering research in undergraduate level or acquire employment as junior engineers, sub engineers, associate engineers, technicians, technologists, supervisors, superintendents, foremen, machini

what to do after btech in civil engineering

 you are already working, but you are not satisfied with your current job profile then you must be thinking, how to ship to any other profile to upgrade.

your career so before we begin this article let's understand what are the different options which might be running in your mind if you are pursuing BTech.

or already passed out you might be thinking the very common and obvious option running in many people's mind is to go for post-graduation to do BTech or MTech in India or go for MS masters abroad, this is a very common option because after doing we take some people to think that if we are not getting a job.

or they feel that if you go for MTech will get much more experience let us impact so this is a very common option that is running in the student's mind.

very next the option is some people think that we should go for a government job so they start that preparation for the Orman job which takes years together.

actually, get the job and if you do not get the job then again you are in a vicious circle that what next so after BTech you do government exam preparation.

and then if you have not selected then again you think what next the very next option available is go for a core,

technical job but now the next question arises how apart from all this there are few other options some people aspire to start their own freelancing work or their own entrepreneurship,

journey or starting your entrepreneurship journey may be your long term goal after completion of civil engineering so these are a few of the options which are running in your mind.

already and if these things are not running in your mind then there is one more option that I can think of I have met many people who are thinking let me shift my career to some other field because maybe civil engineering is not,

giving me bright kind of a break if you are thinking to shift from civil engineering please read this article and my previous article till end .it may give you the solution it may change your life so please read the article till,

end so if you are looking for your first break or the first job then. it is clear that you are already done your BTech.

 you're about to pass from your BTech MPEG or diploma so these are the degrees that you might have got from the recognized universities in India or abroad you might have got these degrees.

from the institutions which have a lot of aggradation slight from knack or envy or many other agencies and you might have worked very hard during your four years of engineering so after working so hard,

after writing those assignments overnight you must be thinking that how exactly I will get my first core technical job immediately after passing.

out from my BTech and even though you might have finished your degree successfully you might have passed out from a good institution in India which has so many aggradation.

apart from all this you might have got good marks also so despite getting all this some people are facing challenges to get a core technical job or if you are pursuing,

student then these are there are few challenges which you may or may not face after passing out from your degree so let's discuss that so now next question.

arises now that you have a degree what is the main challenge in getting a core technical job if you are going for the job option then what are the challenges that you are going to face or you might be already facing or you are going to,

face in future while seeking a core technical job the very first problem  that we have observed in especially in civil engineering is they do not have the clarity they did themselves don't know.

that what kind of job they are seeking many people call and say that I am seeking a civil engineering job if we say what in civil engineering,

they are not able to tell that because they themselves are not aware that what is the different departments in civil engineering in each department.

 what are the corresponding skill sets which our industry experts and whether they have those skill sets or not and if they do,

not have those skill sets and how exactly those fieldsets can be acquired.these if you get clarity about these things then trust me fifty percent of your work is done only 50 percent work would be remaining this clarity is Krim li important which is missing in, most of the pressures past pals doubt BTech students or those who are found out one or two years before but still struggling and not understanding.

 what is their cup of tea so this clarity is extremely important this is the first point, which you should be noted the second thing the second challenge which you may be facing in getting a core technology.

 job is lack of knowledge and skills you might have studied multiple subjects but you may not know that where those subjects are actually applied in the industry to get the output in the project.

      how exactly the project is executed from start to end and where exactly that particular knowledge, which is studied during engineering will be applied now comes  the most common challenge that most of you might be facing if, you are seeking a job that is lack experience if you do not have experience companies will say we cannot hire you you might have applied in many companies.

 whether a startup company growing company or well-established MNCs but most of the companies you might have heard that we do not hire freshers because you do not have experience so this is the main problem in this article.

 you will come to know how exactly you can tackle this but now the next question arises if you are a fresher and you lack experience and no company is ready to give you a job.

because you do not have experience then how exactly you will get your first break because if every company will say that we cannot hire you because you are a fresher then how will you even get it.

 you are first experience or the fourth break which will make you experience  only after you start working you will understand that what is the life cycle of a project in civil engineering.

 What are the type of projects what is the first step what is the last step what are the in-between steps and how exactly. a project is executed by multiple departments and how the different.

departments coordinate with each other to deliver a project and that experience you can get only by getting experience in your fourth job only by getting the fourth breaks now this is the major challenge that most of the pressures are facing that how do I get,

my first break because I'm sure you all have immense potential as far as the potential is concerned,

sure if you have completed BTech then you will definitely have potential what you lack is the right direction right guidance and the right brake and your first experience or the first break.

so if you are having these challenges which I just told you then I have a solution for you deconstruct would be the first company to offer your first break if you are seeking your course break then come to a construct because,

 construct is the only company which will give you your first working experience your on-the-job training comes experience and,

after getting this experience I am sure that you will be able to compete with people who have even three years or five years of work experience because I construct is the only company.

 which is offering on-the-job training to so many civil engineers.

 who have successfully got jobs all over India and even abroad now let me tell you what exactly you can do after BTech the a major challenge for you is lack of experience and if you want to experience just pack your bags come to Bangalore office of ikan struct and enroll for any of the master's study.

 programs which are the on-the-job training programs so you get the opportunity to get real working experience in any of the departments like it may be a BIM Department project management department

structures the department contracts management department or it can be even Business Development Department if you want to go to the business development of civil engineering then you can even get the opportunity to work on

 that we are offering multiple master study programs which are completely on-the-job training and which will give you real experience along with the experience letter and

100% placement assistance and one thing is for sure this is a core technical placement this is not just a job this is the core technical placement and this

will give you immense confidence about civil engineering apart from all this we have another program called a master study in contracts management which is an

entirely different unexplored department  and many civil engineers are not even aware of this again in this department we have a seven-month program which is a

massive study on job program in contracts management which will be followed by six months of internships so again one year of work experience so if you

want experience and if the experience is the only thing which is coming in between you and your first break then II construct is the only solution pack your bags come to Bangalore and

join master study programs this is the only program which will give you immense knowledge the case and relevant experience and we assure you that dream job would be a side-effect of this

training we are starting mega master study batches in June 2020 and the good news is we have two batches in the year

2020 first batch will start on 1st February 2020 and second batch will start on 20 June 2020 these are the two batches which are available for,

you to start your career and to gain your first breakthrough on job training programs you can also go through employability tests and score on our website which is another opportunity is given by our company.

which is free of cost tests which will  give you insights about where you stand today and what exactly is the expectation of the industry and how much gap is there and how exactly you can fill the gap there is a lot of careers.

what are you waiting for if you  an experience joining construct just pack your bag come to India and kick start your career in civil engineering


Thank you very much



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